April 04, 2014

Electrik's "Opening Day"

Well, it’s that time again. That’s right. The greatest week of the entire year. The 2014 Baseball season is underway. (insert loud chorus of angels here with lots of glimmering light and sparkles.) 

 Anyone that knows me well knows that I am a total freak about baseball. (Go Rays!) With this past Monday being the official “Opening Day” it dawned on me that our company has finally arrived at an “opening day” of it’s own. Stay with me here. 

 Previous Seasons. 

Jesse and I conceived (odd way to start off but I’m going to roll with it) the idea of Electrik back in August of ’13. We were eating BBQ with some of our friends and Jesse said the most powerful, disruptive, earth-shattering phrase that an entrepreneur could say. 

 “What if…” 

 It’s at that moment that we started to relate to our future clients. All great inventions, crazy adventures and big innovations start with that simple question. I’ll expound on that in a future blog post. Based on our “previous seasons” as individuals on other teams, we were confident that we could do this successfully on our own (again) and build something meaningful for our community here in Austin, TX. 

The Draft. 

 After we had recovered from the initial shock of committing to the “What if…” it was then time to draft our team. More importantly, it was time to draft our culture (yet another blog post - stand by). The first team is always the most crucial team for success. We knew that in order to truly not waste our time, money and effort in starting this we had to assemble the players that would represent who we wanted to be and played our style of game. We set the foundation for winning “seasons” to come by our very first hire. We are so proud and honored to be working along side this incredible group of folks. 

 Spring Training. 

 Up until today, we have been in a sort of “training camp for our company. We needed to polish off our process. We needed to build a portfolio of early success stories. We needed to find our identity and identify our key differentiators. Some might say those are things you should know prior to committing to the “What if…”, but I couldn’t disagree more. Up until today, we earned the privilege to do business with our early clients based on the past wins and accolades of our individual careers. From today forward, we earn business based on the work that we’ve done together as Electrik. Not only our work but who we are as a team. Team Electrik. 

 People do business with people, not companies. Always. 

 We will never rely on our fancy website or our sexy branding or posh office space. We will earn business because people like us for being…us. We are grateful for clients like Josh McClure and Craig Hancock at RealMassive who believed in us from day one. 

 Opening Day. 

 And now it’s time. Time for us to truly stand on what we have been building and broadcast it to the world. We have assembled, practiced, refined, and polished off who we are and what difference we can make for our clients, our staff, and our community. Today is opening day and we couldn’t be more excited to tell you about Team Electrik and how we can empower your big idea. 

 Brian Simpson 


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